Catch Plagiarism Fast by Search for Plagiarism on Google Before Submitting Docs in 2023

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Catch Plagiarism Fast by Search for Plagiarism on Google Before Submitting Docs in 2023

08/24/2023 12:00 AM by Admin in Ai tools

Busted! How To Quickly Search for Plagiarism on Google Docs


search for plagiarism on google


Uh oh, did you accidentally plagiarize content in your Google Doc? Before turning it in for school or work, you better double-check - a simple search for plagiarism on Google can reveal copied text in seconds. 

Don't risk failing an assignment or losing your reputation over plagiarism. This guide covers multiple ways within Google Drive to quickly scan Docs, Slides, and Sheets for duplicated content. 

With a few clicks, you can check plagiarism on the plagiarism checker for Google Docs against billions of web pages and published works. Fix any issues and confirm your Google Doc is 100% original and properly cited before submitting.

Why You Must Search for Plagiarism Before Sharing Google Docs

You want to include compelling quotes, statistics, and info in your Google document. But did you properly credit the sources? Running a quick check can avoid embarrassing plagiarism accusations when you share the doc.

You can also learn how you can check plagiarism for large documents i.e. plagiarism checkers more than 1000 words in seconds


Catch Uncited Sentences and Paragraphs

It's easy to forget to cite sources when copying/pasting content for research. Searching Google uncovers any uncredited text.

Confirm the Originality of Visuals  

Using uncredited images or graphs from the web in your document can get you in hot water. Double-check with Google's image search.


Avoid Plagiarism Embarrassment  

Once a Google Doc leaves your hands, plagiarism is hard to deny. Confirm your research is properly cited to avoid humiliation or punishment.


Ensure Proper Citation Style  

Even with citations, is your referencing APA, MLA, or Chicago style compliant? Google for quick tips to fix formatting.

Searching Google Docs for plagiarism offers peace of mind that your document won't land you in trouble for unoriginal work.

How To Check for Plagiarism on Google Docs

Checking your Google Doc, Sheet, or Slides presentation for plagiarism checker only takes a few minutes. Follow these steps:

Copy Suspicious Text 

If any sentences, statistics or info raises flags, copy and paste it into the Google search bar.

View Matching Webpages

Google displays verbatim matching pages indicating copied text. Check if your version is properly cited.

Search Images on Google 

Right-click any suspect images in your document and choose "Search Google for image" to find original sources.

Use Google Books for Quotes

Plug longer quotes into Google Books search to validate citations or find original book sources.

Check Docs Revision History

In Google Docs, view the revision history and compare old versions to check for properly integrated added research.

Equip yourself against plagiarism allegations. Run elements of your Doc through Google search for plagiarism before submission.

Google Drive Tips: How to See Plagiarism in Google Docs 

Google Drive has built-in tools to help spot and avoid plagiarized content when writing Docs, Sheets, Slides, and more.

Turn on Originality Reports

In Google Docs, enable originality reports to check for text copied from other sources as you type and make revisions.

Use the Explore Feature  

Docs, Sheets, and Slides to provide an "Explore" option showing relevant source suggestions to properly cite.

Install the Papercheck Plugin  

This handy Google Docs add-on checks grammar and plagiarism by comparing your text against its extensive academic database.

Utilize Citation Tools

Add-ons like EasyBib, CiteThisForMe, and more help build correctly formatted citations in your document for easy use.

Leverage Google Drive's own features as part of your plagiarism-prevention process before turning in work.

Why Manually Searching Google is Better Than Google Docs Plagiarism Checkers


search for plagiarism on google


Google Drive offers built-in originality checking features, but manually searching Google provides the most comprehensive plagiarism check:

Google Indexes More Content

Google search scans billions of pages beyond what's in Docs' originality report databases. Manual searches are more complete.

Checks for "Forgotten" Plagiarism  

It's easy to forget to run originality reports after already writing. Searching Google uncovers sources that may have been plagiarized. 

Helps Identify Paraphrased Plagiarism  

Originality reports may miss plagiarism that's been paraphrased. Google excerpts help pinpoint copied ideas.

Quick Image and Quote Checks  

Drag suspect visuals into Google for quick verification. Paste block quotes to confirm source validity.

For the most thorough checking, search for plagiarism directly on Google search for plagiarism before finalizing and turning in Google Docs.

"Cite It or Write It": Expert Tips To Avoid Google Docs Plagiarism


search for plagiarism on google


The best way to avoid plagiarism in Google Docs is to properly cite! Use these pro tips:

Take Careful Notes

Carefully record sources for all research statistics, quotes, images, and ideas as you compile them. This aids in citation.

Paraphrase First

Never copy/paste text verbatim. Always paraphrase ideas and information into your own words first, then cite sources.

Cite Text Sources

Use parenthesis, footnotes, or endnotes to credit the source of statistics, quotes, ideas, and other text appropriately. 

Credit Visuals

Place image citations directly below graphs, charts, illustrations, or photos. Google's image search helps confirm the origin.

Know Citation Guidelines

Ensure your citations meet the style guidelines (APA, MLA, etc.) required for the project. Use online references.

Proactive citation during the research process significantly reduces plagiarism risk in Google Docs. Responsibly incorporate outside sources to bolster your work.

Get Peace of Mind: Final Plagiarism Check Before Submitting  

You've finished writing your Google Doc. Are you confident it's free of plagiarism issues that could damage your reputation or grade?

Copy/paste the following into Google search as a final spot check before submission:

  • Suspect statistics and data points
  • Quotes and snippets over 30 words  
  • Key arguments and assertions
  • Unique turns of phrase

Also, run all visuals through Google Images. Fix any remaining sources that require citation or rewrite paraphrased content that’s too similar. 

Make it a habit to search Google for plagiarism as the last step before turning in assignments, reports, presentations, and any other projects with research. One final scan provides peace of mind that your hard work is original and plagiarism-free!

Instantly Check Google Docs for Plagiarism with Small SEO Tools

As a quick and easy way to check your Google Doc for plagiarized content before submitting, copy and paste text from your document into the <link> free plagiarism checker. It will scan against billions of online sources to identify any duplicated text from the web.

Try it now as an instant plagiarism check to ensure your Google Doc is 100% original!

FAQs about Checking Google Docs for Plagiarism

Q: What Google files can be checked for plagiarism?

A) You can check Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms responses, PDFs, and more. The techniques work for any text, stats, or images.

Q: Does Google Docs have a built-in plagiarism checker?

A) Yes, you can enable originality reports in Docs, which checks text against web sources as you type. This helps prevent plagiarism.

Q: What are some quick ways to check for plagiarism?

A) Copy/paste the suspect text into Google search to find matches or use the Google image search for any uncredited visuals. Our plagiarism tool above also helps.

Q: What if Google finds copied content?

A) If any text or images come back from Google as an uncredited match, properly cite your use or paraphrase to avoid plagiarism.

Q: What about checking old Google Docs? 

A) You can still run plagiarism scans using "Check for Plagiarism" tools or by searching elements in Google yourself even in already completed docs.


Submitting unoriginal or improperly cited work can damage your academic or professional reputation. Don't just assume your Google Doc meets integrity standards - take two minutes to run a plagiarism checker before turning it in.

Searching elements in Google only takes seconds but provides peace of mind that you've done your due diligence to avoid plagiarism. For best results, leverage Google Drive's built-in originality and citation features as you write, then manually search Google for a final confirmation.

Making plagiarism checks part of your regular Docs workflow ensures your hard work remains your own. Don't put your reputation at risk over an accidental oversight. Use our tips to keep Google Drive documents original.



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