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Check Website Speed In Seconds With Our Free PageSpeed Tool

Website load speed critically impacts visitor experience, conversions, and SEO rankings. But conducting accurate page speed tests used to require expensive paid tools until now!

Our 100% free PageSpeed Insight checker performs a complete analysis of any web page's loading performance across both mobile and desktop. In just seconds without needing to register get in-depth speed metrics and optimization tips to make informed improvements.

Read on to understand why fast page speed matters, how to use our free website speed test tool, and proven tips to optimize site performance. Bookmark our checker to monitor how speed optimizations impact user experience over time!

How Website Speed Impacts Rankings, Traffic & Conversions

Page load time is one of the most influential ranking factors according to both Google and Mozilla. Fast website performance builds user trust and engagement signals that directly impact SEO.

Specifically optimizing speed with our free testing tool helps:

  • Improve user experience and satisfaction
  • Reduce bounce rates for higher pages per visit
  • Gain higher search engine rankings
  • Drive more organic traffic to your site

Performance is a major quality signal. Our free PageSpeed Insight checker gives you the data to build speed efficiently right within your workflows.

Our Free Tool Fully Analyzes PageSpeed In Real Time

Pagespeed Insights Checker

Our website speed checker provides complete performance insights including:

  • PageSpeed Score - Chrome User Experience benchmark from 0-100
  • Page Loads - Fully loaded and visually complete times
  • Page Size - Total KB resources loaded
  • Requests - Number of files requested
  • Optimizations - Actionable improvement recommendations

In just seconds without needing to register get full visibility into precisely how fast your pages load on both mobile and desktop. Use the tips to incrementally enhance performance over time across all devices.

Our free PageSpeed check tool connects to Google's infrastructure for accurate real-world data on precisely how visitors experience your site's speed everywhere.

How to Use Our PageSpeed Insights Checker Tool

Using our free PageSpeed Insights checker tool is simple:

Visit Our Website:

Access our website and locate the PageSpeed Insights checker tool


Enter Your Website URL:

Enter the website URL you want to analyze for speed.


View Analysis and Recommendations:

Once you initiate the analysis, our tool will evaluate your website's speed and provide a detailed report with recommendations for optimization. Review the analysis and follow the recommendations to improve your website's speed.


Tips To Optimize Your Website's PageSpeed Score

Target a PageSpeed score above 90 on mobile and desktop as an optimal goal. If your site falls short, leverage these proven tricks to help optimize page speed:

  • Compress Images - Shrink image file sizes without losing quality
  • Browser Caching - Set caching headers so resources load faster after first visit
  • Asynchronous Resources - Load non-critical files last to improve initial loading
  • Lean Code - Simplify code structure and remove unnecessary bloat

Regularly re-run checks with our free PageSpeed Insights tool to quantify how optimizations enhance performance over time. Fast speed drives the best user experience and SEO results!


Why Our Free Tool Beats Paid Speed Checkers

Don't waste time and money on outdated or overly complex paid tools! Our free PageSpeed Insights checker offers:

  • Unlimited Checks - No caps on how often you can test site speed
  • Full Context - Complete optimization guidance lacking elsewhere
  • Global Servers - Real-world speed data from actual visitor locations

Everything you need to understand and enhance critical site speed in seconds at $0 cost. Keep site performance efficiently optimized as updates happen across all devices and pages!


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: What is a good PageSpeed score to target?

A: Generally you want to achieve a score of least 90+ out of 100 on both mobile and desktop configurations for optimal user experience.

Q2: Does checking PageSpeed access private page data?

A: Absolutely not! Our tool only checks publicly accessible resources to analyze load sequences and speed. Your content remains 100% secure.

Q3: What type of optimizations does your tool recommend?

A: Tips range from image compression to code structure and more, informed by Google's core methodology for real-world visibility into the most high-impact areas to focus speed enhancement efforts.

Q4: Can I test intranet or stage site pages?

A: Our PageSpeed Insights tool currently only supports publicly live URLs for accurate real-user experience testing across locations.



Supercharge your website's speed on all devices with our free PageSpeed Insights checker tool. Unlock lightning-fast performance, enhance user experience, and drive more traffic to your site.

By optimizing your website's speed, you can improve user satisfaction, boost search engine rankings, and increase conversion rates. Experience the power of our PageSpeed Insights checker tool and take your website to new heights.