Best 600+ free Article Submission Sites: 2023 Trick to Get Published on the Top 600+ Websites

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Best 600+ free Article Submission Sites: 2023 Trick to Get Published on the Top 600+ Websites

10/05/2023 1:00 PM by Admin in Backlink sites list

600+ Best Free Article Submission Sites List for Instant Approval in 2023


Article marketing is one of the most effective ways to promote your website and rank higher in search engines. By publishing high-quality articles on reputable websites, you can drive referral traffic, boost your authority, and improve your SEO.

However, finding good article submission sites that will actually publish and index your content can be tricky. Some have strict editorial guidelines while others are littered with low-quality articles.

To help, I've compiled this list of the 600+ best free article submission sites that offer instant approval and valuable backlinks for SEO. Read on to discover the top places to submit your articles right now!


Why Submit Articles Online?

Before we dive into the list, let's quickly go over the key benefits of article marketing:

  • Increased site traffic - Articles allow you to embed links back to your website. If your content is engaging, you can drive significant referral traffic from people clicking your links.
  • Backlinks for SEO - Getting published on authoritative websites gives you a backlink and helps with search engine rankings. Backlinks signal search engines that your content is valuable.
  • Brand visibility - Well-written guest posts expose your brand, products, and services to new audiences. The more exposure the better.
  • Topical authority - Regularly publishing content on a topic boosts your reputation as an industry expert. You gain trust and authority.
  • Lead generation - Articles provide a soft-sell way to promote your services and generate new business leads. Include a call-to-action to capitalize.


What are Article Submission Sites?

Article submission sites are online platforms and publications that accept guest posts and contributed articles from writers and industry experts. These websites help writers share their knowledge while gaining backlinks, referral traffic, and exposure. Article marketing remains an effective SEO tactic and lead-generation strategy today.

Top article submission sites like Medium, Entrepreneur, Business 2 Community, and Inc. provide writers with access to large, targeted audiences. Getting published on reputable sites boosts credibility and enables organic content distribution.


How does Article Submission work?

The article submission process is relatively straightforward. First, identify relevant websites and publications that accept contributor articles in your niche. Visit their guidelines pages to review requirements around topics, word counts, formatting, etc. 

  • Pitch your article idea to the editor or via their automated submission system. 
  • If accepted, write your article customized to their audience and guidelines. 
  • Include targeted keywords naturally in your content. 
  • Once published, promote your article on social media and other channels to boost views. 
  • The best article submission sites will give you a backlink and referral traffic. 
  • Make sure to track clicks and metrics to measure the results.


Know How You Can Submit Article On Article Submission Sites?

Submitting articles to publication sites takes a targeted approach. Start by researching suitable sites that publish content related to your industry and topics. Browse their guidelines for contributors.

Pitch your article idea or draft to the editor if required. When ready to submit your article, follow the publication’s process.

This may involve uploading your article through an automated system or emailing it directly to the editor

  • Research and identify relevant article submission sites in your niche
  • Review the publication's guidelines for contributors
  • Craft a compelling article title and draft an outline
  • Pitch your proposed article to the editor if required
  • Write your complete article tailored to the publication's audience
  • Include targeted keywords naturally in your content
  • Follow the recommended article formatting and style
  • Provide author bio and headshot as requested
  • Submit the article through their automated system or directly by email
  • Follow up with the editor on status if you don't hear back
  • Promote your published article on social networks
  • Track clicks, referral traffic, and backlinks gained
  • Leverage successful articles to pitch suggested topics and titles

Include a short bio and any other requested information. Make sure your article follows the recommended format and style. Use relevant keywords and optimize the content for SEO but avoid keyword stuffing.

Provide readers with valuable insights and takeaways. Article submission success requires customizing your content to each publication's voice and audience. Share your expertise and give readers something useful.


What are the DA of Article Submission Sites And how to Check it?



High DA (domain authority) article sites refer to authoritative online publications that accept guest contributions. DA is a metric that ranks the strength and trust of a website's domain on a scale of 1-100. The higher the DA, the more valuable the site is for backlinks and SEO.

Top publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur, HuffPost, Business Insider, and Inc. have extremely high domain authority. Getting an article published on these sites (while competitive) provides tremendous credibility and SEO benefits.

  • Drive referral traffic from high-traffic domains
  • Gain high-quality backlinks to boost rankings
  • Establish expertise and thought leadership
  • Expand brand visibility and exposure
  • Increase trust and credibility through association

Contributing quality articles to these influential online publications allows writers to tap into massive audiences and gain industry exposure. Building a portfolio published on high DA sites demonstrates expertise.

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List of Top 600+ Free Article Submission Sites



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the best websites to submit articles?

A: Some of the best websites to submit articles for exposure, traffic, and backlinks include Medium, Business 2 Community, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Lifehack, Thrive Global, Inc., Business Insider, and Fast Company.

Q: How much do article submission sites pay?

A: Payment for guest articles varies widely. Top sites like Forbes and Entrepreneur pay around $250+ for accepted articles. Medium pays based on member reads. Other sites provide little or no pay but offer exposure, backlinks, and traffic benefits. Always confirm pay rates with the site ahead of time.


Q: How can I submit articles online?

A: Most online publications have article submission guidelines and forms on their website. Typically you provide your author bio, a working title, and an article summary, then receive acceptance (or rejection) within a week or so. Many sites now use automated submission management systems to streamline the process.

Q: What kind of articles do blogs look for?

A: Blogs look for well-written articles tailored to their audience that provide actionable value. The most successful articles educate and engage readers on topics related to the blog's niche. Evergreen, How-To, and list-based articles tend to perform consistently well.

Q: How do I write articles for search engines?

A: To optimize articles for search engines, focus on ranking for targeted keywords through organic research and incorporation into your article content. Use keywords naturally in headlines, subheadings, opening paragraphs, and 2-3 times throughout the body. Avoid keyword stuffing. Provide value via tips and insights readers find useful.




Article marketing remains one of the most effective content promotion strategies today. Taking the time to craft compelling articles and get them published on reputable sites will continue to generate significant SEO and traffic benefits.

Use this list of top article submission sites as your starting point. Do your research to understand each publication's guidelines and voice. Craft custom articles tailored to their audience, niche focus, and your targeted keywords.

Consistency and persistence pay off. As you build your portfolio of guest articles, you'll see measurable gains in website visitors, backlinks, and authority over time.

Now it's your turn. Which article submission sites have you had the most success with? What tips do you have for others looking to maximize their article marketing efforts? Share your insights and experiences in the comments below!



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