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The Most Effective Color Picker Equipment for Designers

Picking the right colors is an important part of any design task. Whether you're developing a logo, assembling a presentation, creating a website or just wanting to liven up your newest social network visuals, having the ability to easily and accurately choose colors is necessary.

That's why online color picker tools have ended up being very useful resources for all kinds of designers and imaginative specialists. These online applications permit you to remove shades from images, identify colors by hex code or RGB worth, create shade combinations, and a lot more.

In this thorough overview, we'll highlight the most effective online shade picker devices available and showcase their standout features. We'll cover both cost-free and paid alternatives so you can discover the ideal color pickers to fulfill your specific requirements. Let's dive in!


Benefits of Using an Online Color Picker

Online Color Picker

Prior to we enter the top shade picker suggestions, let's talk about why you must be utilizing these devices, to begin with:

Accuracy - Unlike trying to choose a shade by sight alone, online shade pickers provide you the precise hex code and RGB values. This gets rid of any uncertainty.

Efficiency - With a couple of clicks, you can draw out shades from photos, produce color patterns, and more. On the internet, color pickers save you tons of time over manual color options.

Flexibility - Modern color picker tools are offered directly in your internet browser. This makes them quickly accessible from any kind of tool. Several additionally have browser expansions or mobile applications.

Motivation - Online shade pickers typically consist of pre-programmed palettes and suggested color mixes to trigger creative concepts.

Consistency - Utilizing the very same online color picker tool throughout projects brings about greater color consistency in your job.

With all those benefits, it's simple to see why having a go-to shade picker is a should for creating digital web content and layouts.


Best Complimentary Online Color Picker Equipment

For many people, complimentary shade picker software is the best place to begin. Here are some superior free alternatives:

Adobe Shade

As its name suggests, Adobe Color comes straight from the software application Adobe. It's totally free to make use of and doesn't also call for signing up for an account.

Trick Features:

  • Remove shades from a photo file
  • Create color palettes from photos
  • Produce color design with varying policies (analogous, single, etc).
  • Drag and drop to customize your own color scheme.
  • Preview palettes related to instance designs.
  • Get hex codes, RGB values, and aesthetic color depictions.
  • Call and save an unrestricted variety of shade themes.
  • Sync conserved motifs across gadgets.

Assimilation with Adobe applications like Photoshop, Illustrator, and XD.

With an instinctive user interface and seamless assimilation with other Adobe programs, it's easy to see why Adobe Shade is just one of the most preferred cost-free shade pickers readily available.


Coolors bills itself as "the super fast color palettes generator for cool designers." It delivers on that promise with a slick interface where you can quickly build out color schemes.

Key Features:

  • Simple one-click generation of new color palettes
  • Lock colors in place while generating new ones around them
  • Adjust the brightness, saturation, and hue of each color with easy sliders
  • Support for both hex codes and RGB values
  • Preview palettes on mockup graphics
  • Generate collaboration links to share palette ideas
  • Save an unlimited number of palettes when signed into a free account
  • Import images to extract color palette ideas
  • Receive suggestions for accessible AA and AAA color contrast ratios

The overall ease of use combined with great accessibility features makes Coolors stand out as one of the best free color palette tools.


While best known as a graphic design platform, Canva also packs a robust built-in color picker that's free to use without a Canva account.

Key Features:

  • Hex codes displayed alongside visual color swatch
  • Color name lookup to find colors by name
  • Available directly in Canva while designing
  • Color palette generator with controls for color harmony patterns
  • Ability to upload images for color extraction
  • Add colors to an easily accessible favorites list
  • Integrated with the Canva design platform tools
  • Shareable links for color palette collaboration

For those already using Canva for other graphic projects, the built-in color features make perfect sense. But even non-Canva users will find value in the excellent color extraction tool.


Pikka is a unique color palette generator using images from creative common sources like museums, galleries, and other cultural institutions.

Key Features:

  • Generates 5 color palettes inspired by art pieces from global collections
  • New sets of images are delivered each week
  • Change color harmony rules including shades, single color, analogous, etc.
  • Click individual colors to edit hue range, brightness & saturation
  • Copies of both hex codes and RGB values for each swatch
  • Shareable links to sync palette ideas with team members
  • Set options to avoid color blindness issues and ensure accessibility
  • Completely free with no need to sign up

If you want to easily generate artistic color themes that are also accessible, Pikka is one of the best free online color picker sites around.


Best Paid Online Color Picker Tools

Online Color Picker

While the free options we covered provide tremendous value, paid color-picking apps and browser extensions take things up another level. Here are some top premium options to consider:


SEOToolsPark markets itself is the "AI-powered color assistant". It uses advanced machine learning technology to help you search colors, generate palettes, and extract custom themes from images.

Key Features:

  • Intelligent color picker suggests complementary and alternative hues
  • Extract color palettes from any image file upload
  • Search for colors based on emotion, industry, or creative style
  • Generate accessible color themes optimized for readability
  • Get 20+ different color values including HEX, RGB, and CMYK
  • Save an unlimited number of color palettes
  • Integration with Sketch and Adobe XD

For designers seeking more advanced, intelligent color capabilities, Khroma is a top choice combining great technology with intuitive functionality.

PicPick Color Picker

If you're looking for desktop color picker software for Windows, PicPick is a highly-rated option combining a color identifier tool with image annotation features.

Key Features:

  • Zoomable pixel-level color detection
  • Color histories and favorites list
  • Copies of HEX, RGB, CMYK, and HSL color values
  • Color palette generator
  • Color similarity finder
  • Color picker browser extension
  • Crosshair tool overlays for precision
  • Image editor with annotation capabilities
  • One-time $19.99 license fee per device

For Windows power users wanting precise desktop-based color selection capabilities alongside other graphic utilities, PicPick warrants serious consideration.


Stark offers an entire platform built around streamlining the design and digital asset workflow. Their browser-based tools and mobile apps integrate directly with design platforms. A key component is their intuitive color capabilities.

Key Features:

  • Digital asset manager keeps the entire design system in one place
  • Determines accessible color combinations across themes
  • Creates color palettes from images
  • Generates multiple color scheme ideas
  • Auto-colorization functionality
  • Integration with Sketch, Figma, Adobe XD, and more
  • Team collaboration and project management
  • User-based pricing starts from $9 per editor/month

For design team leaders seeking to unite assets, manage workflows, and standardize color use, Stark provides robust capabilities starting from their advanced color tools.


Key Color Picker Features Compared

With the wide range of excellent color picker options highlighted, how do you select the one(s) most suited to your needs?

Here is a comparison chart looking at some of the key features and capabilities modern online color pickers provide:

Feature Adobe Color Colors Canva Pikka Khroma PicPick Stark
Image Color Extraction Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Accessible Color Contrast Check No Yes No Yes Yes No Yes
Generate Color Palettes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hex Values Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
RGB Values Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Other Color Codes (CMYK, HSL, etc.) No No No No Yes Yes No
Create/Save Palettes Yes Yes No No Yes No Yes
Mobile App No No No No Yes No Yes
Browser Extension No No No No Yes Yes Yes
Desktop Application No No No No No Yes No
Price Free Free Free Free $3.99+ monthly One-time $19.99 $9+ monthly


With this full comparison, you can better select online color picker tools based on your preferred platform, needed technical capabilities, target price point, and other project requirements. Most designers utilize both highly functional free and more advanced paid tools based on the specifics of each project.


Using a Color Picker for Maximum Impact

An online color picker is a powerful tool. But simply having access to one isn't enough to guarantee color success in your designs. You need to leverage your color picker strategically for maximum visual impact.

Here are some professional tips and best practices:

  • Match Brand Guidelines - If defining color palettes for an existing brand, use your color picker to sample colors from their logo, branded graphics, website, color standards guide, and more. This ensures consistent use of approved hues.
  • Set the Mood - Certain colors trigger emotional responses in viewers. Use your online color picker to find combinations that evoke desired reactions from users. Warm tones promote comfort and calmness while cool tones feel more clinical.
  • Remember Accessibility - Ensure enough contrast between background and text/shape colors so the content remains legible for those with vision impairments. Many color pickers either automatically recommend accessible alternatives or allow you to check combinations against industry standards.
  • Use Images for Inspiration - Upload sample photos or artwork related to your project into your color picker. Extracting current color themes provides endless possibilities for palette ideas tailored to the subject matter.
  • Start with One Hero Color - Rather than randomly generating color schemes, first use your eyedropper tool to select a single prominent color from your source imagery. Then build out complementary hues around that fixed anchor point.

By incorporating professional best practices into your selection process, your online color picker becomes exponentially more effective at building palettes perfectly suited to your design work.



Q1: What is a color picker?

A: A color picker is a tool that allows you to select a color on the screen and retrieve detailed information about that color, like its hex code or RGB values. Color pickers provide an accurate way to capture colors visually.

Q2: Why should I use a color picker?

A: Color pickers save you time and guesswork in determining exact colors. They make replicating the same color across projects easier and allow you to precisely communicate color selections with team members and clients.

Q3: What can I use a color picker for?

A: You can use a color picker to extract colors from images, websites, or physical objects to reuse those colors in designs or other contexts. Color pickers are also helpful for creating color palettes, testing contrast ratios, converting between color formats like RGB and CMYK, and sampling colors to use while coding websites.

Q4: What is a color palette?

A: A color palette is a curated selection of colors used together harmoniously in designs, photos, web pages, and other visual materials. Color pickers often include tools for generating color palette ideas or customizing your own palettes.

Q5: How do I pick good colors for a palette?

A: Many color pickers provide suggested color harmonies like analogous, triadic, or complementary colors. You can also extract colors from imagery related to your project for palette inspiration. Grouping colors with sufficient contrast for accessibility is important.

Q6: Can I use a color picker on mobile?

A: Many online color pickers have mobile browser options or dedicated iOS/Android apps. Additionally, there are smartphone camera apps capable of sampling real-world colors for reuse elsewhere digitally. Most mobile color picker options allow saving and syncing palettes across devices.



Online color picker tools have evolved from basic hex code lookups into advanced applications harnessing technologies like machine learning and image recognition. Creative professionals now have a tremendous range of browser-based, mobile, and desktop color-picking options at their disposal.

Whether you're a DIY home crafter extracting colors from your latest Pinterest inspiration or a Fortune 500 brand designer ensuring your style guide meets company specifications, utilizing a modern color picker is now an essential best practice.

After reviewing all the features, benefits, and use cases, the question is no longer whether to use a dedicated color tool but rather determining which one(s) best meets your unique needs and budget.

Now that you have a full overview of the color picker landscape, you can start integrating these indispensable apps into your regular creative workflow. Mastering how to expertly select and consistently apply color themes will level up skills ranging from graphic design to web creation and everything in between.

So propel your next project from good to great by finally adding sleek, accurate online color pickers to your essential design toolkit. Your future color-coded creations will thank you!



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