Discover the Top 10 Most Profitable SEO Niches to Dominate in 2023

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Discover the Top 10 Most Profitable SEO Niches to Dominate in 2023

09/20/2023 5:20 PM by Admin in Seo tactics

The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Most Profitable SEO Niches in 2023


Profitable seo niches


Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies for driving targeted organic traffic to your website. However, not all keywords and niches are created equal when it comes to profitability and competition.

Choosing the right niche is critical if you want to rank high in search engines and earn maximum revenue.

In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss the following:

  • What are SEO niches and why are they important?
  • Factors to consider when selecting profitable SEO niches
  • List of top 10 most lucrative SEO niches in 2023
  • Niche keyword and long-tail keyword examples
  • Tips for dominating local and national SEO niches
  • SEO niche finder tools

Let's get started!


What are SEO Niches and Why Are They Important?


Profitable seo niches

An SEO niche refers to a focused topic or category that has high search volume, low competition, and high commercial intent. In other words, an SEO niche is a specific segment of the market that you can target to attract qualified organic traffic and increase conversions.

Choosing the right niche is crucial for SEO success because:

  • It allows you to create content focused on specific audience needs and interests.
  • You can rank high with fewer backlinks and authority.
  • A niche site attracts super-targeted visitors who are likely to convert.
  • It is easier to stand out from the competition in a niche.
  • Helps drive more organic traffic and revenue.

In short, a good SEO niche helps you gain domain authority faster, rank higher in search engines, and maximize your return on investment.


Factors to Consider When Selecting Profitable SEO Niches


Profitable seo niches


Not all niches are created equal. You need to assess various factors to zero in on the most profitable SEO niches for your business. Here are some key factors to consider:

Search Volume

Niches with higher monthly search volume for the target keyword indicate higher demand. Tools like Google Keyword Planner and SEMrush can help gauge search volume data. Ideally, look for niches with 4,000+ monthly searches.


It’s critical to understand the level of competition in the niche to estimate your chances of ranking high. Lower competition makes it easier to rank higher. Analyze top-ranking domains, their authority metrics, and backlinks to assess competition.

Commercial Intent

Profitable niches need high commercial intent behind searches. Tools like Keyword Surfer can help determine the commercial value of keywords. Prioritize niches where people search with the intent to buy.


Ensure the niche aligns well with your brand, expertise, and target audience. Creating content for a niche irrelevant to your business is tough. Relevant niches also help build authority and expertise.

Growth Potential

Look for rising niches experiencing substantial growth in searches and demand. Analyzing search trends can help uncover high-potential SEO niches. Being an early player in a growing niche can make it easier to establish authority.

Revenue Potential

Estimate the revenue potential of niche keywords using metrics like CPC, transactional keyword volume, and conversion rates. Higher revenue potential indicates more monetization opportunities through affiliate marketing or display ads.

Now that we've covered the key factors for identifying profitable SEO niches, let's look at the top niche examples you can target in 2023.


List of Top 10 Most Lucrative SEO Niches in 2023

1. Health and Fitness

Health and fitness is evergreen! People are constantly searching for tips, advice, and solutions related to fitness, weight loss, nutrition, mental health, and wellness. Some examples include:

Niche Keywords: weight loss, gym workouts, health insurance, ketogenic diet, meditation

Long Tail Keywords: videos for beginner full body workout, mental health awareness activities, adopting a Mediterranean diet meal plan

With the wealth of sub-niches, long-tail variations, and commercial intent behind searches, health, and fitness will continue to be one of the most lucrative niches in 2023.

2. Personal Finance

Managing money is a priority! Searches around loans, banking, taxes, credit cards, accounting, budgeting, and other finance topics are always high. For example:

Niche Keywords: loans for bad credit, tax calculator, best budget apps, retirement planning, investing for beginners

Long Tail Keywords: understanding credit card APR, filing income tax returns as a freelancer, how to manage income and expenses in Excel

The personal finance space offers many monetization opportunities through affiliate marketing of financial products like insurance, loans, credit cards, and more.

3. Software and SaaS

The software/SaaS niche is ripe for SEO! B2B searches are very high around SaaS products, development, AI, machine learning, programming languages, and related tech solutions. For instance:

Niche Keywords: Customer relationship management, HR software, project management tool, web hosting, VPN services

Long Tail Keywords: comparing Basecamp vs. Asana for project tracking, the best VPN for Mac secure browsing, tools to create customer personas and journeys
Writing detailed comparisons, reviews, and tutorials allows you to attract organic traffic and commissions from various SaaS providers.

4. Travel and Tourism

Travel bouncing back after COVID makes this niche highly profitable going into 2023. There is endless demand for info about flight deals, travel planning, top destinations, vacations, outdoor adventures, cruises, and more. Some examples:

Niche Keywords: all-inclusive resorts, best places to visit in Italy, romantic getaways for couples, cheapest travel insurance, camping gear

Long Tail Keywords: one-week Gulf Coast trip itinerary in July, outdoor family adventures at Pisgah National Forest, how to choose carry-on luggage from Amazon

By providing value through blogs on trip planning, product reviews, and deals, you can capitalize on this high-intent niche.

5. Home Improvement & DIY

Home improvement leads many searches by homeowners and renters seeking advice on DIY projects, interior design, tools, remodeling, lawn care, and related topics, such as:

Niche Keywords: interior design ideas, affordable backyard makeover, remodeling contractors, fencing installation, best lawn mower

Long Tail Keywords: modern farmhouse living room decor on a budget, installing laminate flooring in basement, tips for maintaining Bermuda grass

Partner with home improvement retailers like Lowes and Home Depot to monetize this lucrative niche.

6. Education and E-Learning

Online education is more popular than ever! Parents and students constantly search for information about colleges, courses, scholarships, exams, educational products, and more. For example:
Niche Keywords: online colleges, best GRE prep course, scholarship essay examples, e-learning platforms, coding boot camps

Long Tail Keywords: getting into NYU Tandon School of Engineering, free tabe test math practice, top 10 machine learning MOOCs for data science beginners

By providing comparisons and reviews of online courses and products, you can generate commissions and leads.

7. B2B Technology

The B2B technology niche driven by IT decision-makers and technical buyers presents a goldmine opportunity. Searches are high around SaaS, cloud computing, cybersecurity, IT infrastructure, CRM, and workplace technology. For instance:

Niche Keywords: CRM software, cloud storage, best firewall, virtual desktop solutions, SD-WAN vendors

Long Tail Keywords: Comparing Microsoft Dynamics vs. Salesforce for medium business, video conferencing apps for hybrid work, managing multi-cloud architecture

It’s a highly commercial niche where you can work with various martech and IT vendors to monetize your audience.

8. Digital Marketing

Many businesses are keen to learn digital marketing and optimize their online presence. Topics like SEO, social media marketing, PPC, email marketing, analytics, and advertising are extremely popular. Examples:

Niche Keywords: search engine optimization, Facebook ads manager, Google Ads, email marketing automation, Google Analytics Academy

Long Tail Keywords: guide to tracking Google Ads conversions, using Mailchimp automation workflows for lead nurturing, step-by-step Facebook ads audience targeting
This is a great niche for selling digital marketing video courses, resources, and software solutions.

9. Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

As the adoption of crypto and blockchain heats up, people are hungry for information about Bitcoin, NFTs, DeFi, mining, regulations, Web3 platforms, and more:

Niche Keywords: Bitcoin investment, crypto exchanges, NFT projects, play-to-earn games, crypto tax software

Long Tail Keywords: guide to storing Bitcoin safely offline, top 5 undervalued altcoins to buy in 2023, choosing an Ethereum development framework

You can profit from this niche by promoting crypto exchanges, NFT launches, token sales, crypto products, and more.

10. Jobs and Career Advice

Searches for remote work, careers, job listings, upskilling courses, resume writing, interview tips, and workplace advice continue to grow. Some examples:
Niche Keywords: remote jobs, data entry jobs from home, LinkedIn profile makeover, in-demand tech skills, best online MBA programs

Long Tail Keywords: how to get Oracle certified in database administration, virtual interview body language tips, examples of achievement-focused resume bullet points
By partnering with online job boards and educational platforms, you can generate commissions and leads in this evergreen niche.

This covers the top 10 most lucrative SEO niches you should consider targeting in 2023 and beyond. The key is to pick an SEO niche you are passionate about based on the factors discussed earlier. Let’s now look at some examples of niche keywords and long-tail keyword opportunities within these niches.


Niche Keyword and Long-tail Keyword Research Examples

Profitable seo niches


Doing thorough keyword research is the foundation of niche site SEO. Along with identifying high-volume niche keywords, you need to find low-competition long-tail keyword variations to target.
Here are some examples of niche keywords and long-tail expansions:

Niche Keyword: Ketogenic diet

Long-tail keywords:

  • keto diet meal plan for beginners
  • keto snacks on the go -is keto safe for type 2 diabetes
  • instant pot keto recipes
  • vegetarian keto lunch ideas
  • guide to tracking macronutrients on keto

Niche Keyword: VPN service
Long-tail Keywords:

  • fastest VPN for streaming
  • VPN with a dedicated IP address
  • best VPN extension for Chrome
  • VPN router setup guide
  • unlimited bandwidth VPN plans
  • does VPN use a lot of data

Niche Keyword: SEO audit
Long-tail Keywords:

  • complete the website SEO audit checklist
  • guide to performing a technical SEO audit
  • how to analyze competitors for SEO audits
  • free SEO audit tools
  • how to fix SEO audit issues on page speed
  • downloadable on-page SEO audit template

Using long-tail expansions of your core niche keywords allows you to go after very specific searches with lower competition and funnel that traffic to your main niche content.

Now that we’ve covered niche and long-tail keyword research, let’s look at some tips to dominate local and national SEO through niche sites.


Tips for Dominating Local and National SEO Through Niches

The concept of niching down applies equally to local and national SEO. Here are some pro tips to dominate local and national SEO niches and outrank competitors:

For Local SEO:

  • Hypertarget neighborhood keywords: Target searches for your products/services + neighborhood name such as “NJ therapist in Hoboken”, or “Brooklyn injury lawyer”. Go beyond just the city name.
  • Create location-specific content: Have pages targeting each location you serve rather than one general service page. Make content extremely relevant to each locale.
  • Get listed on niche directories: List your local business on national and local niche directories related to your industry. Improves local SEO presence.
  • Optimize Google My Business: Completely fill out your Google My Business profile for each location and add niche category keywords. Help get ranked in the local pack.
  • Build local links: Getting niche edu and gov links from local sites signals relevance and helps rank better locally.
  • Encourage customer reviews: Reviews on GMB and niche sites like Yelp help improve local SEO rankings and credibility.

For National SEO:

  • Build niche authority content: Create pillar pages, comparison posts, and guides around your niche keyword themes to build authority.
  • Target long-tail queries: Build out pages targeting all long-tail keyword variations around your core niche keywords.
  • Create niche landing pages: Have dedicated landing pages for each service and offer tailored to each sub-niche.
  • Get niche backlinks: Build partnerships and contributor posts on authority sites in your niche to build topical relevance.
  • Optimize for voice search: Use natural language and conversational long-tail keywords tailored for voice searches.
  • Produce visual assets: Create infographics, charts, videos, and visual content formats that tend to perform well in niches.

By implementing these niche SEO tips, you can build highly authoritative sites that rank higher locally and nationally.


SEO Niche Finder Tools

Doing proper validation using the right niche analysis tools is key before investing time and effort into a niche. Here are some recommended SEO niche finder tools:

  • Google Keyword Planner – Gives search volume data and suggestions for low-competition keywords in a niche
  • Ubersuggest – Discovers related keyword ideas and metrics like CPC and traffic for a seed keyword
  • SEMRush Keyword Magic Tool – Helps find long-tail keyword variations around a topic with metrics
  • Ahrefs Content Explorer – Reveals top-ranking pages/sites for keyword and content gap opportunities
  • Soovle Keyword Tool – Analyzes search trends and seasonality to find growing niches and keywords
  • AnswerThePublic – Visual keyword data to see search questions and auto-complete phrases around a topic
  • Google Trends – See interest over time and related topics to validate demand for a niche
  • SimilarWeb – Analyze engagement metrics and traffic sources of top sites in your target niche
  • Buzzsumo – Find the most shared niche content to get content ideas that will attract links/shares

By leveraging these niche discovery tools in your keyword research, you can zero in on profitable, low-competition SEO niches to target.


Recap and Takeaway

Choosing the right niche is imperative to succeed with SEO in 2023 and beyond. This guide covered:

  • Most lucrative SEO niches with keyword examples
  • Factors to identify profitable niches
  • Tips for dominating local and national niches
  • Actionable niche keyword and long-tail keyword research
  • Recommended SEO niche finder tools

The key takeaway is that taking a niche approach can help fast-track your organic growth by going after targeted keywords and themes with lower competition.

Maximize your SEO efforts in 2023 by selecting a profitable niche using the frameworks, factors, and tools outlined in this guide.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: How do I find a good SEO niche for my business?

Analyze factors like search volume, competition, commercial intent, relevancy, and growth trends. Use SEO niche finder tools to uncover profitable niche keyword opportunities.

Q2: What is a good number of monthly searches for an SEO niche site?

Ideally, look for niches with keyword search volumes between 1,000 to 100,000 monthly searches. Total niche traffic potential should be at least 10,000 visits per month.

Q3: How many keywords should I target for a niche site?

Start with 5-10 primary niche keywords and expand to 50+ long-tail keyword variations. Create pillar, list-based, and comparison content optimized for each main and long-tail keyword.

Q4: Are niche sites good for local SEO?

Yes, niche sites work extremely well for local SEO by going after geo-targeted keywords. Make sure to optimize for neighborhoods, create location-specific content, get listed on niche directories, and build local links.

Q5: What is the best way to monetize a niche site?

Top monetization options include affiliate marketing of relevant products/services, targeted display ads, and email newsletters delivering value to super-targeted audiences open to your niche offerings.



Choosing a profitable, low-competition niche is critical for SEO success in 2023. By leveraging the frameworks, factors, tools, and tips covered in this guide, you can identify and dominate niche SEO opportunities in your space.

Remember to analyze search volume, competition, commercial intent, relevancy, and growth trends before selecting your niche. Create authoritative niche content optimized for informational keywords and long-tail variations. Implement niche SEO best practices to outrank competitors locally and nationally.

With the right niche SEO approach, you can build a thriving organic channel that drives highly targeted traffic, leads, and revenue for your business. Use this guide as a blueprint for niche SEO success this coming year!



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