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UseSeoToolsPark's Free Backlink Checker Tool to Find Google Backlinks

Easily track your website's backlink profile and monitor new links as they come in with our powerful backlink analysis software. Optimize your site's authority with the best link-building intelligence.

The type and number of backlinks pointing to your website are essential considerations if you want to increase your website's search engine optimization (SEO) performance. 

We at SEOToolspark provide a robust and easy-to-use Backlink Checker Tool that may assist you in learning important details about the backlink profile of your website. You can examine your backlinks using this free tool to give yourself a competitive edge in the internet environment.


Introduction to Backlink Tracking

Backlink Checker Tool

Backlinks remain one of the most important ranking signals driving SEO results. Link analysis provides crucial insights to build authority:

  • Find impactful link-building tactics
  • Uncover bad links hurting performance
  • Reverse engineer competitors' backlink strategies
  • Benchmark progress tracking over time
  • Automate reporting for clients/stakeholders

Monitoring backlinks helps earn higher rankings while avoiding manual penalties. Our backlink-checking software centralizes this data to maximize organic growth.


Why Use the Backlink Checker on SeoTools Park?

Detailed backlink analysis:

Our Backlink Checker thoroughly examines your website's backlink profile. The number of backlinks, the domains they originate, and the anchor text are all discussed. 

Analyzing your competitors' backlink profiles will provide you with a competitive advantage. Our tool can compare Your backlink stats with those of other websites in your field. 

Finding High-Quality Backlinks:

Quality is more important than number when it comes to backlinks. You may find high-quality backlinks that benefit the SEO of your website with our backlink checker. These trustworthy backlinks from authoritative websites can significantly improve your ranking on search engine result pages.

Stay Tunned and Informed:

Regular backlink profile monitoring is necessary for your SEO strategy to stay strong. You may keep track of any alterations to your backlink profile, including new backlinks, lost backlinks, and changes to anchor text, with SmallSeoTools' Backlink Checker. You can take quick action based on this valuable information to maintain the search engine optimization of your website.


Backlink Checker Tool Benefits

Our backlink analysis platform comes packed with capabilities to track competitor links, find link-building opportunities, and automatically monitor website authority gains:

1. Backlink Tracking for Any Site

Enter any domain or URL to instantly chart its backlink profile from Google, Bing, Yandex, and more. No need to switch between paid search engine tools.

See total links, root domains, identification of followed vs nofollowed links, and more centralized metrics.

2. Historic Backlink Data

View a complete history of all known links pointing to a domain over the years. See new links added monthly and cumulative totals to understand growth curves.

Compare link volumes period over the period to quantify the impact of outreach campaigns, content launches, and other efforts.

3. Backlink Analysis By Type

Drill into backlinks by type and source with category breakouts like:

  • Editorially given vs solicited
  • Links from domains vs root
  • Followed vs nofollowed
  • Images, text, redirects, etc

Filter and segment link data any way you want for targeted analysis. Export these custom-filtered views.

4. Link Opportunity Identification

Discover untapped websites and pages to reach out to for backlink requests. Our software compares sites and suggests additional placement areas competitors have links from but you don't yet.

Streamline outreach efforts while ensuring link diversity.

5. Link Risk Assessment

Get warnings on potentially dangerous links from low-quality or spammy sites. Eliminate toxic links tanking your rankings before manual penalties strike.

Customize risk thresholds based on your site's tolerance levels across various dimensions like trust flow.

6. Automated Link Notifications

Configure real-time alerts to receive an email or Slack message whenever new impactful backlinks from high authority sites get discovered pointing to your properties.

Celebrate link wins while assessing if additional outreach in similar verticals could also earn links now.

7. Schedule Link Analysis Reports

Receive an automatic backlink analysis report delivered to your email on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. These provide summaries of your most powerful new links, overall authority gains, risky links identified, and more.

Reports include charts and graphs to easily monitor progress for stakeholders and clients

8. Backlink Data Export

You have full control over your link data. Export it manually or via scheduled scripts in formats like CSV and XML to load into other systems. Manipulate the raw data any way you want outside our platform.

Develop custom processes on top of link analytics information tied to business goals.

Take control of your website's backlink profile with our industry-leading link-tracking software now.

How to Use the Backlink Checker on SmallSeoTools

Utilizing our backlink checker tool is simple and uncomplicated:

  • Please navigate to the Backlink Checker Tool on our website
  • In the space provided, type the URL of your website
  • To start the investigation, click the "Check Backlinks" button
  • Our tool will quickly produce a thorough report demonstrating your backlink profile

Utilize the Backlink Checker from SmallSeoTools to help you make wise decisions and take charge of your website's SEO.

With the help of the Free Backlink Checker Tool from SmallSeoTools, you can start finding your Google backlinks right now and improve your website's search engine visibility.


Backlink Tracking Strategies

Apply these advanced tactics and filters leveraging backlink data:

Review Link Velocity

Analyze the number of new links earned per month over time. Spikes and dips may reveal the impact of link-building efforts, unnatural links, or shifts in site content themes.

Compare Domain vs Root Performance

Domain links include multiple links from the same site. Root links only count a domain once for more precise growth tracking.

Identify Top Linking Sites

See sites driving the most referral traffic to uncover influencer websites. Reach out to request additional links and nurture relationships.

Review Linking-Page Authority

Evaluate authority scores for specific pages you have links from. Higher authority correlates with more ranking power potential.

Filter Low-Quality Links

Temporarily filter out low-quality links to analyze the site's solid foundation. Then assess risky links separately that could warrant removal.

Check Links from Competitors

Reverse engineer rivals studying where they have links that you don't yet. Uncover link-building tactics and opportunities.

See Link Anchor Text Trends

Analyze changes in anchor text links use over time - particularly branded and keyword-rich phrases. Track impacts SEO initiatives have strengthened branding and relevancy.

Compare Owned Sites Link Profiles

If operating multiple websites, quickly compare link data side-by-side. Identify internal link opportunities as well as gaps amongst competitors.

Apply these filters and more for deeper insights from backlink tracking.


Competitive Backlink Analysis Reports

Make smarter link-building decisions by seeing what rivals are doing beyond just domains:

Link Intersection

Our software generates Venn diagrams instantly comparing competitors' link profiles. Uncover:

  • Links unique to each site
  • Overlapping links between sites
  • Total links for each property

See where competitors outperform in earning credible links to replicate their success.

Link Comparison Over Time

Visually compare link metrics for multiple domains over historic periods. Plot total links, referring domains, and additional metrics against competitors in one chart.

Link Opportunity Suggestions

Discover prospects who link to competitors but not you yet by industry, location, thematic content area, and more. Ideal for link outreach prioritization.

Link Prospecting Lists

Export custom prospect lists for outreach campaigns based on filters like:

  • Industry/location competitors links
  • Sites above certain domain authority threshold
  • Presence of exact page content themes
  • Identification of related PPC ad copy

Save endless hours researching link opportunities with our competitive intelligence.


Q1: How often is backlink data updated?

A: Our system indexes billions of links daily from search engines to provide the most up-to-date view. Each site's link profile refreshes approximately weekly.

Q2: What is disavow and when should I use it?

A: Disavowing alerts search engines to ignore toxic links harming your site so they don't negatively impact rankings. Only disavow as a last resort if other removal attempts fail.

Q3: Do more links always equal better rankings?

A: No, link quality trumps quantity. Just a few links from highly authoritative industry sites can boost rankings more than hundreds of low-value links. Relevance and trust are key.

Q4: Can I import competitors from other tools?

A: Absolutely. Easily import domains for tracking from tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Moz. No need to tediously re-enter websites already being monitored elsewhere.

Q5: Can I use link data for PPC and content?

A: Yes. Beyond SEO, link analysis provides insight into relevant buyer keywords and topics competitors have authority around that paid search and content teams can leverage for opportunities.

Q6: Should I build links to my homepage or deep pages?

A: The best practice is to build links pointing to targeted deep pages optimized around specific themes, keywords, and locations. This confers more topical relevance versus generic home page links.
Reach out with any other link analysis questions!


Links remain the currency of search engine authority and rankings. Our backlink tracking platform makes monitoring your website's backlink profile, identifying new link-building tactics, and optimizing organic presence easily. 


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